Leuko Labs

Non-invasive white cell counts at the tip of your finger
Home-based self-test
Daily tracking
Reduced chemotherapy cycle time
Improved outcomes
White cell counts

Imagine a phone-sized blood cell counter that needs no blood. Innovative optics see through the skin, and count white cells as they flow past a miniature lens.

White cells count

The white cell count is the first line indicator for medical applications ranging from chemotherapy management to the detection of life threatening infection in a targeted world population of 4 billion people.

Leuko Labs featured at the news in Spanish National Television, January 2016.
About us

We learned that many cancer patients can tolerate a higher frequency of chemotherapy infusions than they typically get, and that with a higher frequency comes the high potential for better treatment outcomes. So we began to develop a personalized daily home blood test that will indicate when patients are ready for the next infusion ahead of the typical scheduling. Our optics-based test is non-invasive, detecting key informative blood cells through the skin without pain.. A potentially transformative improvement in chemotherapy management.

The key blood cells for our cancer application are also the key blood cells detected in acute infection. A simple test for these cells is sought throughout the resource poor regions of the world; especially where HIV-associated bacterial co-infection is endemic. There are approximately 4 billion people living in rural regions of our planet who currently have little or no access to testing for infection, which we've set out to provide.

The project is completing its proof of principle phase and entering its first clinical tests with chemotherapy patients.

The Team
Carlos Castro-González, PhD
Project management and image analysis.

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Aurelien Bourquard, PhD
Signal and image processing algorithms.

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Ian Butterworth, MSc
Hardware design, prototyping, and technology validation.

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Álvaro Sánchez-Ferro, MD
8-year experience in clinical practice and a background in research methodology.

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Alberto Pablo-Trinidad, MSc
Computer vision and software development.

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Ramon Gamble, MBA
Market research and regulatory affairs.

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This project could not have been possible without the technical contributions of Luis Soenksen (experimental design) and Jason Tucker-Schwartz (optics).

Clinical Collaborators
Carolina Cerrato, MD. Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain.
Ephraim Hochberg, MD. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA.

Scientific Advisory Board
Martha Gray, PhD. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA. | María J. Ledesma-Carbayo, PhD. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. | Jerome Mertz, PhD. Boston University, Boston, USA. | Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, PhD. Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain. | Francisca Mulero, PhD. Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, Madrid, Spain. | Timothy Padera, PhD. Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. | Ben Vakoc, PhD. Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Boston, USA.
Leuko Labs selected as one of the new projects funded by the Deshpande Center.
Leuko Labs wins the \"Tech Innovation Award\" at Rice Business Plan Competition.
Leuko Labs named \"Innovation of the Year\", by MIT Technology Review Spain.
Leuko Labs wins \"Impacto Salud\", a program to transform healthcare sponsored by social entrepreneurship network Ashoka and pharma Ipsen.
Leuko Labs will hold an invited presentation at the IEEE Engineering in Biology and Medicine Conference, Milano (Italy), August 25-29, 2015.
Leuko Labs selected as one of the new projects funded by the Coulter Foundation
Leuko Labs selected as one of the new projects funded by the Center in Future Technologies in Cancer Care
Leuko Labs selected for MIT Translational Fellows Program 2014-15 (represented by Carlos Castro-González).
Leuko Labs presents at the 2014 M+Vision Biomedical Innovation Conference in Madrid, Spain.