We are developing PointCheck™, the first device for non-invasive white cell monitoring. PointCheck™ is fast, portable and simple to use. By removing the need for a blood draw, millions of immunosuppressed patients can now be tested more frequently, moving towards improved quality of life and improved clinical outcomes.

This is an investigational device. It is not for sale. The claims made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA or the CE Mark authorities.


A Simple Finger-based Blood Test


Portable and designed for use in the home, the finger-based test takes a minute to noninvasively capture enough information to evaluate white cell levels. 

No Need for a Blood Sample


By shining light into the skin surrounding the fingernail, PointCheck™ is able to image the blood cells flowing through superficial capillaries. Our A.I. algorithms then determine whether white blood cell levels are dangerously low.

Identifying Elevated Risk of Infection


Risk of infection is a huge worry for chemotherapy patients. PointCheck™ helps show when risk of infection is elevated, to help trigger preventative treatments before infection occurs.



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